The Watchers gods (Angels) of the four winds

Four angels standing on the four corners of the earth

American King James Version<< Revelation 7:1 >>And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

Matthew 24:31 And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.

Celestial worships of Mesopotamia

In the early celestial worships of Mesopotamia there were four "royal" Stars (identified as Lords) which were called the Watchers. Each one of these stars "governed" over one of the four essential points common to Astrology. This particular classification date since roughly 3000 BC.

• The star Aldebaran, when it marked the Vernal Equinox, held the position of Watcher of the East.

• Regulus, marks the Summer Solstice, Watcher of the South.

• Antares, marks the Autumn Equinox, Watcher of the West.

• Fomalhaut, marks the Winter Solstice, Watcher of the North.

In the star myths the Watchers themselves were portrayed as gods who defended the Heavens and the Earth. Their nature, as well as their "rank", was transformed by the continuous astral and solar cults that supplanted the older stellar cults.

The Greeks

Ultimately the Greeks concentrated the Watchers to the gods of the four winds. Each of these god controlled or ruled there own corner of the earth. This is where you get the angle of the north, angle of the east,the angels of the south and the angle of the west. The Greek traditions have been tought all over the world for centuries. Many are know coming to the education thought that Greek mythologies if more based on truth than myth.

Hebrews classification of the Watchers

Prior mystic Hebrew factions organized the Watchers into an Archangel hierarchy. According to this classification the Watchers were governed over by four great Watchers recognized as





In the Old Testament (Daniel 4: 13 17)

In the Old Testament (Daniel 4: 13 17) there is reference made to the Irin, or Watchers, which appear to be an order of angels. In early Hebrew understanding the Irin were a high order of angels that sat on the supreme Judgment Council of the Heavenly Court. It is believed that they had there own order and it was these Angels that was sent to earth to watch over humans.

In the Apocryphal Books of Enoch and Jubilee

In the Apocryphal Books of Enoch and Jubilees, the Watchers were directed to Earth to give grounding in law and justice to humankind. The most common relations found in various texts on medieval mystic concerning the Watchers are as follows:

1. Araqiel: taught the signs of the earth.

2. Armaros: taught the resolving of enchantments.

3. Azazel: taught the making of weapons of war.

4. Barqel: taught astrology.

5. Ezequeel: taught the knowledge of the clouds.

6. Gadreel: taught the art of cosmetics.

7. Kokabeel: taught the mystery of the Stars.

8. Penemue: taught writing.

9. Sariel: taught the knowledge of the Moon.

10. Semjaza: taught Herbal enchantments.

11. Shamshiel: taught the signs of the Sun.

In the Book of Genesis

In the Book of Genesis these are the angels referred to as the Sons of God. In the Christian faith these Son of God and there immoralities filled world. It was this that caused the world to be destroyed as a result of their interference.

Greek Mythology Giants or Titans

A person by the name of Richard Cavendish wrote a book called The Powers of Evil. In tit he makes mentions to the possibilities of the Giants cited in Genesis 6:4, being the Giants or Titans of Greek Mythology. He goes on to lists the Watchers as the fallen angels which magicians call forth in ceremonial magic.

2012, End of days, One world govenment, kingdom's of the four winds?

Could it be that today these Giants or Titans and theses Watchers of the fallen angels are still with us today and the magicians are also known now as bankers business person of the highest order, and what we now know today as our politicians. could it be that these Watchers of the fallen angels are tiring to assembles us humans in a one world order only to brake us up in to the Four original Kingdoms known as the kingdom's of the four winds? hum this something to think about.


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