Communicating with your angels

Spiritual communication is not only important with humans but also with the angels. It’s important to understand that these holy ones are in a relationship with us and that we are the ones that need to fuel that relationship.

Start by slowing down the world around you and getting to a place of peace so that the energy around you is filled with peace. This will begin the process of getting rid of the toxic energy that is stored up in and around you.

Begin to breathe deeply until you feel calm. Then you can meditate or pray giving thanks to all that is good in your life.

"I thank God that I am breathing; I thank God that I am alive; I thank God for all the good that is around me."

Spiritual Feelings

Now it's important that you understand that even if you are not feeling happy or you feel that nothing is good in your life, you need to speak of what you want to be good in your life and around your world. For these are the vibrations that you want these beings of light to pick up on and act on. Your divine feelings matter.

Then you can say, speaking the words, that you are thankful to God for your heavenly messengers. Then you can ask for guidance and/or help in the area that is lacking.

Inner Selves

It is important that we take care of our inner selves by also taking care of our spiritual relationships. Our feelings help guide us through the web of difficulties in our lives. It also helps us in our relationships whether it be at work or in our personal lives. Allow the peace of love in your life and remember that you are wonderful. To help develop this lesson to some calming music and learn to meditate.

Soulful Bonds

Remember, it’s a bond that you are creating, a relationship with your Godly messengers. This relationship is one that these Messengers of God will never ask anything of you or expect any from you. They only act on your will.

Spiritual Help

They are commissioned by God to assist you on your universal path and they will, but only if you ask. They will stand by and offer no help in your time of trouble if you did not one,ask for help and two,develop a relationship with them.

The speed in which they can help depends on two factors: One, your faith and two, your relationship with them.


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